Become your own Coach

With the Deep Dive Experience I'd like to show you how transformation works, how to end self-sabotage, and unlock the deeply courageous and unstoppably playful inner-you.

The world of self-development is leading people into an endless cycle, forever missing the one thing

...that would make it simple to enter their full potential!

Why is real change always just out of reach?

Most people hold themselves back for their whole lives. Almost everyone you’ll meet holds themselves back. They feel stuck, afraid, and confused in many areas of their lives. They’re trapped by thinking too much and feeling too little.

They stay trapped in this rut for their entire lives because they believe one fundamental lie. This lie sabotages every attempt to change. It seems to logical, but it makes no sense at all. When you see through it, resistance falls away, the world opens up, and growth becomes unstoppable.

The lie is this: “You are not enough.”

Maybe this lie has a tight grip on your heart by now. You might hate where you are, even who you are, and be desperate to be something “more”. But there’s nothing you can do to be “more”. If you could only see what you already are, you’d tear up in joy!

When my clients wake up to their breathtaking core Self, that’s when they begin the process of true liberation. When you see that you are already enough, resistance shrinks away. You realise you don’t need to struggle and strive for what you want. You just choose it! It’s already yours for the asking.

What This Program Is About

Your self-tranformation begins with self-discovery. The more you know yourself, the more you trust. You open your mind to intuition. You enter a peak-performance state known as “flow” more often. You stop overthinking and inspiration takes over. You begin to move creatively and smoothly through life’s challenges.

This Is a Journey Over 5 Weeks

A Journey Back To Yourself

I have taken all my years of coaching and built a transformative 5 week program called The Deep Dive Experience.

In it, I’ll awaken your own inner-guide who will take you on this journey back to yourself. By absorbing these mindsets, and doing the simple exercises, you will let go trying to ‘force’ yourself to change.

You will unlock the vast intelligence in your DNA (and perhaps your ‘soul’) to allow your evolution as a human being to naturally unfold – directed (not forced) by your conscious choice.

The 4 Milestones of Natural Transformation

Decide What You Want

The question, “What do you want?” is hard to answer. We are much better at knowing what we don’t want. What we hold in mind tends to manifest. So by knowing only what we don’t want, we create endless problems.

I will teach you the ‘metaphor technique’. You will embody all the patterns of thought and behaviour you want into one character.

Remember. You will not ‘become’ this character. You are not your thoughts or behaviour. When you are unblocked, you will simply ‘put it on’ like a coat, without having to ‘strive’ to attain it.

When you are enough, you can look at your thoughts and feelings without fear or judgement.

You can look at the most wretched parts of your psyche, and it’s okay, because it’s not really “you”. It’s just a pattern you have. When you bring a nasty part of your mind into the light of awareness, it can finally “breath”, and you can discover what lesson it holds for you.

When you see what it teaches you, suddenly, you are able to accept it. And accepting it removes its power to control you. You can see it from a higher place, and you can include it in your evolution.


Include & Transcend

If you hate your current patterns of thought or behaviour, (even if they’re making you miserable), you only make them stronger. That’s why people can be stuck for years, never making progress, no matter how hard they try. They are fighting against themselves.

You can stop this “civil war”, and free-up all the energy you have been spending on resisting your temptations and hating your patterns. You can then use this energy to create what you want.

I will guide you through the process of lovingly accepting your current patterns. When you do that, your current patterns will relax. They will sit back. They will no longer control you. They become simply another choice you are free to make. And you can choose anything you want.

When you drop all efforting, all striving, you reclaim the power of unblocked choice. You are no longer at the mercy of your own thought and behaviour patterns. You have integrated them, and you own them again. They are your teachers, not your masters. They may sometimes kick and scream like inner-children, but you can easily rise above.

Living from your true self means finally choosing to do what you really want to do. It means creating whatever you choose to create.

For example: If you want to write a book you simply step into the behaviour pattern that produces books! It’s the same for any skill, or to create anything in the world. Nothing – not success, failure, judgement or rejection – can change how you feel about yourself. Everything you do pours out from a place of inspiration and love. When you love yourself, anything you want is yours for the asking.

Choose What You Want

Let me introduce

The Deep Dive Experience

5 Weeks To Awaken Your
Natural Evolution

The Deep Dive Experience is designed to build your own inner-coach as you absorb the material. You will learn easy techniques that give you increasing insights into your deeper psychology.

Your inner-coach can show you things about yourself that most people never see in their entire lifetime!

The Course Structure

Week 1: The Foundation

5 videos, 5 audio files, 1 workbook.

By the end of week one, you will have a clear yet flexible vision of the next stage of your evolution.

Your vision of the future will be very different from what you have probably been told to do before. We will not write down where you want to live or how many cars you want to have. That stuff doesn’t touch the inner experience, so it becomes a confusing vision. We will go much deeper, with the simple metaphor technique.

You will then start to dissociate you from your patterns (good and bad), and begin to grow self-awareness and self-love.

What we will cover in detail:

  • Discovering what you really want and embedding it in a powerful vision for the future.
  • A new way of goal setting. Drop expectation-based goals and instead align your mind with your values and vision.
  • Uncovering your self-sabotaging mental patterns. See what's holding you back so you can disassociate from it.
  • How natural transformation works – your potential is almost inevitable when you get out of its way.
  • Homework: The Self-Awareness Evening Routine – Unravel the mysteries of your unique psyche by adopting this calming pre-bed routine.

What we will cover in detail:

  • Finding the way "back to yourself" by accepting the unknown (aka the limits of the mind).
  • How to conduct shadow work safely – by staying detached from the seductive victim mentality that comes up as a part of the process.
  • The power of truly accepting your "imperfections" at all stages of the journey.
  • A practical method for falling in love with the unknown, removing a huge blockage to natural courage.
  • How your thoughts create the reality you live in, and how to align that with your vision.

Week 2: Shadow work

5 videos, 5 audio files, 1 workbook.

Self-love isn’t real unless you love the worst parts of yourself.

If you ignore the evil within and instead try to “think positive”, forcing a smile and pretending to be loving, you will never approach your potential. Honest acceptance of your shadow is transformative.

In week two we will go to dark places and, with love, we will begin to release the grip that your darkness has over your life.

This is probably the most important work anyone can do. In fact this should be taught at school. I think it’s a responisibility for every human being to start facing himself. – Jamie

Week 3: Transcendent Relationships

5 videos, 5 audio files, 1 workbook.

We are social creatures. Our relationships with others can dramatically accelerate our growth, as well as give us the greatest pleasures in life – rock-solid friendships, soul-melting sex, and the deep comfort of community.

Even our “enemies” will accelerate our progress! Anything you hate in another is a reflection of your shadow. I will show you how to take someone “triggering you” and guide that energy into growth.

The truth is, relationships are easy, and love and connection are natural. We only make them hard by wearing a mask. Drop the mask, be true, be love, and relationships flourish on their own.

What we will cover in detail:

  • The role and importance of relationships in spiritual work or self development.
  • Why most of us have grown up confused about what human connection really looks like.
  • The reality that relationships are effortless, easy, loving, and deep by default, and how to bring that into your life.
  • People that trigger you are your most insightful teachers. Appreciation for this makes you appear unshakable by any attack.
  • Why the world is changed for the better when you remove your "mask" and simply live from your truth.

What we will cover in detail:

  • Intimacy – the paradoxical power of being fearlessly vulnerable with everyone.
  • The biggest fears that block our ability to be intimate, both with other people and with ourselves.
  • How simple, authentic connection leads other people to open up in front of you, without knowing why.
  • Self-Intimacy. Accessing the huge reserves of wisdom you'll find within by simply looking, with love
  • Homework: A simple exercise to identify the victim's arguments that are stamping on your ability to open up and connect.

Week 4: The Power of Intimacy

4 videos, 4 audio files, 1 workbook.

Intimacy with others, yourself, the world.

Most of us are too afraid to experience true intimacy, because we fear being hurt. We become like stone. Guarded and tough, but destroyable.

Intimacy from a place of “I am enough” holds no danger at all. We are like water. We cannot be judged when we live from our truth. If we live in integrity, no one can attack us.

I’ll show you how to nurture that “opening up”. Over time, you will learn to communicate on an entirely deeper and stronger level with everything and everyone around you, and with yourself. You will start to become intimate with all, and find it makes you stronger than ever.

I’m taking back control of my life, of my carreer, of my relationships. I’m not just standing in some place letting things happen to me –  I’m  making  things happen. The shift that is going on in my life right now, is bringing me to so many new places. – Maggie

Week 5: A New Life Of Alignment

4 videos, 4 audio files, 1 workbook.

How will you live with this new, loving power?

How do you step into the great patterns of thought and behaviour that you want, and allow the results you want to flow to you?

Throughout The Deep Dive Experience, you will acquire the tools you need to bring yourself into full alignment.

In Week 5 you will learn how to accelerate that evolution, not by “doing it harder”, but by allowing evolution to happen at its full natural speed.

You will be amazed by how much growth can happen in only 5 weeks, if you drop the efforting and simply allow it to be.

What we will cover in detail:

  • What alignment really looks like in a life (there are examples all around us).
  • Embracing the ups and downs of your Hero's Journey. You were meant to live courageously.
  • Why pain and suffering are different things, and separating the two can help make you the most resilient person you know.
  • How to use your emotions as a guide to live in deeper alignment.
  • Your next steps on your journey back to full self-activation.

What Is Included?

Bonus No. 1.

Sex Beyond Fear

5 videos, 5 audio files 

Have you ever become self-conscious while making love? Worried what he thinks you look like? Worried whether she will judge you for doing what you really want with her? Of course you have! You’re human.

Amazing sex doesn’t come from “7 tips to please your man” from Cosmo, or from knowing how to stimulate her G-spot. All that stuff is fun, but worthless if you don’t get the secret.

And the “secret” is one that you probably already know – Fear blocks good sex. Openness and love make sex mind-blowing.

In this bonus, Sex Beyond Fear, we will walk through the process of dropping your fears around sex, allowing deep and intimate physical connections that feel explosive and electrifying!

Bonus No. 2.

The Book of Being

e-book format 

Everything is your teacher.

A few months ago, I felt something strange coming through me. It was a collection of perspectives. Eight points of view, from eight different lives, lived by eight very different characters.  I decided to trust the phenomenon, and just write.

The Book of Being produced itself through me. I don’t know what you will learn from this little collection of short stories. They contain wisdom that is beyond my experience. They came from somewhere beyond me. As I said, I just wrote them down. That’s why I want you to have this book for free as a Deep Dive Experience member. I want you to chew these words, to feel the perspectives, and absorb whatever they reveal for you.

Everyone in life is your teacher. Allow the eight characters of The Book of Being to reveal this powerful truth to you.

Bonus No. 3.

Guided Meditations - By Sam Ryter

mp3 format 

Close your eyes and be with us as we slip into a different state of consciousness.

Many of us find meditation difficult, like it’s a struggle! The research shows it is a powerful tool to train the mind to focus better and to release neurotransmitters that facilitate better moods and clearer thinking. Meditation can be used, then, to help you grow. It’s the ultimate natural brain-enhancer, and by guiding you, I can help you enter a deeper state of meditation.


Sam is the only person I have ever met who was able to help me to make myself stop for a second. To make my mind clear and feel that I am good enough already. Living from this place is ultimately powerful. I am fine and I can listen to my heart. Now every time I get confused, I know now how to listen to my body and soul. This is the only right way and it ultimately gave me the trust in myself to make the right decisions. – Bori

I can’t thank him enough for showing me and helping me on the path of finding deeper meaning in my connections with others. Thanks to that, I can more freely interact with people I meet whether on the streets, public transport, or other places. I can come from my heart making my interactions more genuine and meaningful both for me and the other person as well. It’s not just about interacting with people, coming from the heart makes us more creative in work, improves health, and overall fulfillment in life. – Tamas

For a world with better, deeper and more meaningful relationships.

Today, a wave of people are waking up to the truth about growth. Some of them come to me, and I help them release themselves.

Together, we have discovered that rapid growth is not about adding things or becoming “better”. There’s another level. It’s about taking things away. It’s about the True Self – the core within everyone that is beautiful and powerful beyond description.

This is my profession and my gift: to lead people through a journey of intimacy, surrender, and trust. The very things society tells us are weaknesses become the foundation of effortless power. Our egos fall away, our hearts open up, and our lives start attracting joy and success in abundance!

The world needs you to trust your core. This is a journey of more authenticity, more courage, more love and more of your truth.

Sam, founder of the Deep Dive experience

Join The Deep Dive Community!

Becoming a Deep Dive Experience Member will give you a tribe of other people, all on the same journey of unlocking their true selves!

Imagine that – a little society of people who all know they are enough, and who all come from a place of truth and love! A tribe of seekers who are all unblocked and enjoying the fullness of their lives!

Every step of the way we will be sharing our progress. If anything seems to be stuck, holding you back from realising your truth, share it in the community. We will do our best to pick apart the blockage and give you the support you need.

This is so exciting – I hope I’ll see you inside the members’ area!

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